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Nathan Hale Class of '83 Thirty-Year Reunion

Can it really be 30 years already? Then it must be time for a reunion! Let's catch up and have a fun evening reconnecting at The Garage on Seattle's Capitol Hill located at 1130 Broadway Ave, Seattle, Washington 98122.

Bring yourself and your memories! Remember burgers and fries at Dick's? Football games at Memorial Stadium (and our sophomore year, when the football team made it to the state quarterfinals)? DJ shifts at KNHC in Room 219? Hanging out in the AC... or in the parking lot? Remember the day of the Who concert in the Kingdome when Hale had a suspiciously high absentee rate (the highest in the district, or so the story went)? Remember the hill burnings each year on Homecoming night?

Then there are the more personal memories... your date for the prom or the Tolo, friends who helped you get through tough times, your junior-year locker partner, people you sat with at lunch, that day you ran cross-country for the first time... and achieved something you never expected.

Come join us at the Garage to chat about old times, reconnect with old friends, and be surprised at where the years have led us all.


Your Reunion Contacts:

Wendi Dunlap litlnemo@sumberland.seattle.wa.us

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