Alumni Association Committee

Update: May 31, 2023
Ten years ago our official Alumni Association was formed and it was an exciting time. Unfortunately due to busy lives and health issues of the Association members, it is no longer active.

I will remain to help maintain the website, class pages, events calendar and Facebook groups so Alumni can stay connected and up to date of events.

Julie Lyda

The Nathan Hale High School Alumni Association was formalized in September 2013 and Committee Chairpersons selected.

Mark Gwaltney ’72
Julie Lyda ’76   

Events and Membership: Mark Gwaltney
Social Media and Events: Julie Lyda
Secretary pro tem: Kay Schegel
Treasurer pro tem: Hilary Towner
At Large: Phil Taylor '72

Nathan Hale High School Faculty and Staff Representative: Tina Tudor.

Dear Alumni:  This is "your" alumni association. It is an open association. If you wish to participate and contribute just let us know!  We are always seeking new people to join in our committee!

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